Proxi Creator Community — Intro and Quick Start Guide

Welcome! If you’ve landed on this page, you’re probably curious about Proxi — maybe you’re familiar with Will Wright’s work and want to get involved, or perhaps you bumped into one of our designers at GDC and were captivated by their energy and enthusiasm.

Either way — this brief guide will walk you through the basics and get you started on your path to becoming a member of the Proxi Creator Community.

First off — a bit about Proxi.

In short, Proxi is a game about memories and self-discovery. Players construct “Memory Bubbles,” which are snow-globe-like dioramas composed of photos, 3D objects, ambient audio, and more (many of which are created by the Proxi Creator Community).

An example of a completed Memory Bubble

Over time — and through additional layers of gameplay — these Memory Bubbles can be used to develop your very own Proxi — a digital representation of yourself that you can interact with.

This is a very brief summary — but you can learn more about Proxi in Will Wright’s recent video interview with Greg Miller from Kinda Funny: Will Wright’s Proxi — A video game where community-created NFTs turn players into co-creators

With that covered, lets dive into the Creator Community and how to get involved.

As a first step, we recommend joining the official Proxi Discord. Our community is jam-packed with additional tutorial resources, updates on our development progress, and more. It’s also the best place to ask questions and troubleshoot any issues you encounter. We look forward to chatting with you!

For the visual learners out there, our 3D Artist Alex Dudley created a quick tutorial video to walk you through account creation and the initial setup of the of our Creator’s Tools:

Once you’ve created a Gallium account and set up the Gallium UGC Tool project in Unity, you’re ready to get started! We’ve drafted a ton of additional tutorials to guide you through the creation and blueprinting process for a variety of different asset types:

We’ve also got an exciting update pending for our Creator’s Tools, which will include the ability to create and share Audio assets. Stay tuned to Gallium social channels and the Proxi Discord for details!

We hope this guide helps jump-start your exploration of Proxi and our Creator Community. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to stop by the Proxi Discord — our team is happy to assist!



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