Proxi Creator Challenge #1 — Memories of Summer

Check out the assets submitted by the Proxi Creator Community during our first Creator Challenge event!

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4 min readMay 18, 2022


We recently concluded our first Creator Challenge event on the Proxi Discord, in which we prompted our Creator Community to create and share assets inspired by their favorite summer memories.

These challenges help the Gallium Studios team test our workflow for User Generated Content within the Proxi ecosystem, while also allowing us to gather valuable feedback from creators about their experience creating and submitting assets. In the future, assets like these will be used by Proxi players to construct “Memory Bubbles” — which in turn will build the foundation of their very own interactive Proxi.

The entire Gallium Studios team has been blown away by our community’s submissions, and we’re excited to share them with you! The below video features a total of eight submitted assets, including two unique audio tracks starting with “Esperanca1x” by Luc, and “Forward Along the Soft Sand Trail” by L.D. Worton beginning at the 1:20 timestamp.

Audio: Esperanca1x” by Luc, followed by “Forward Along the Soft Sand Trail” by L.D. Worton

Luc on 🔊 “Esperanca1x”: The track has three parts, the first reminds me of those moments before Covid, the middle is about all the dark times we spent with fear and chaos, and the last part is a part about hope — because when I went on a walk on this summer, I saw that things are gonna get better. We just need to be patient.

Listen to the full version of this track on the Proxi Discord.

L.D. Worton on 🔊 “Forward Along the Soft Sand Trail”: “The piece was influenced by a 15 Mile trail along soft sand right in the middle of summer, right on the east coast of Suffolk (UK). Alot of that area as you start to head further away from civilization as you’re walking along the beach has incredibly old forests, which can be seen slowly eroding away as the years go on.”

Listen to the full version of this track: L.D. Worton Forward Along The Soft Sand Trail (Summer Orchestral) — YouTube

“Sun” and “Portable Beach” decorators by Methos, “Shell Candy” decorator by KIKI.

Methos on “Portable Beaches”: “Needless to say, I love pretty much everything about beaches. Even the sand getting into weird places. I don’t care. It’s part of the whole beach experience. So that brought me a real challenge: what am I going to create? Beach chairs under a beach umbrella? A sand castle and some kids’ toys? One of those beach bars? I simply couldn’t decide what to do...”

KIKI on “Shell Candy”: “Also called Schleckmuscheln in German or Roudoudous in French! I’m actually not sure if these exist in America or other places of the world, but they were definitely one of my favourite childhood candies and their design is very cute and they’re fun to eat/lick.”

“Inflated Pool Party,” “Children’s Play Tent” decorators, and “Sandy Beach” ground by ChronusR

ChronusR on “Inflated Pool Party”: Even it was only a kid’s inflated pool, and even if the space we had was a balcony in a city, we managed to spend one of our best summers I have kept in my memories.

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